Coming Soon: My Top 5 DIYs

Editors note: I can count. I know this looks like six projects – but I am combining two of the jewellery projects as one DIY. 

I just want to say I am so lucky and thrilled that so many people have liked/shared my facebook page in the first week. There is almost 60 people entered in the draw for a batch of my banana pb chocochip cookies (which will be made at midnight and posted on FB). So thank you to everyone who liked/shared and there will be a new contest really soon.

So I have scoping out a ton of DIY’s while adding a lot to my Pinterest boards this past week. I am so excited to get started on some of these projects, big and small. These are my top five that will be appearing on my blog in the next couple months.

1.   The Crate Coffee Table

Credit: DIY Vintage Chick

So I am OBSESSED with this coffee table. We recently got a new set of end tables and coffee table. The new table is rectangle shaped with a glass top. Honestly, it is not our style, but it was free and I really pushed for something that matched.

I changed my mind the first time I bashed my knee into the glass.

This has happened at least once a week since we have had the glass coffee table. I have done it, Corey has done it, and the dog has hit her head at least three times. I put a bamboo runner on it thinking that would make a difference, but my knee is still throbbing as I write this article from my last “incident” under an hour ago. This is what inspired me to write this blog.

So here it is:

This is it, but as always, I think I am going to make a couple adjustments. You can get crates for a pretty decent price at Michaels – especially if you have a coupon, and who doesn’t LOVE coupons?!?  I was at Jysk the other day and found one of those big wicker vases on sale for under $20. I think I am going to put one of those in the centre of the coffee table with some grasses from Dollarama. The good thing about the vase too is that you can change whats in them according to the season. The wheels on the bottom make it great for moving it around, which is a huge problem when you have a dog. I often see tumbleweeds of hair floating through the living room after I have JUST swept, so accessibility is important.

2.   Organized Jewellery  

Credit: Show Me Cute

When I moved into this house, we didn’t have enough room in the bedroom for my mirrored dresser and clothes. Both Corey and I are on completely different schedules, because of my school and his work I am normally waking up when he is going to bed. So my closet/clothes, dresser, makeup and jewellery is all in the computer room. However, my jewellery is generally strewn around – particularly my earrings. Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for earrings. I think these two cute DIY’s are perfect and can’t wait to get started.

3.   Individual 7 Layer Dip

Credit: The Girl Who Ate Everything 

As soon as I saw this I knew that this would be the ultimate party treat – you never have to worry about awkwardly hanging around the food table again! The only problem with these is that I don’t like using that many plastic cups. I was thinking that I might sub the recipe for the plastic cups with mini taco salad bowls (then you can just eat the bowl after – yum)!

I will also include my own recipe of homemade guacamole – so delicious. Avocados are my fave food, second only to chocolate. And maybe bacon.

4.   The Fabric Flower

Credit: my sparkle

Fabric flowers are all the rage. You can put them on headbands, cardigans, shoes… the possibilities are endless. I have decided I MUST get good at this trend and put flowers on everything… see you later Bedazzler and hello fabric flowers!

(Just joking, I never Bedazzled after ’92. Though I thought about it in ’99 for a couple months).

5.   Canvas Pictures

Credit: Literally Inspired

I love canvas pictures but they are SO expensive to get them done. However almost everything from this DIY can be found at Dollarama – love it!

I just started taking a photography class and would love to mount some of my pictures that I have been taking around the North End.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you making these projects and more over the next couple months!

Craftily yours,

Amy xoxoxo


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