Mason Jars, Molly, & Mitchell.

One of the best things about living in my almost 100 year old house is the sunroom/porch. It’s lovely. I spent a lot of time drinking coffee (am) and/or wine (pm) this summer. However, we don’t really like having a ton of valuables in the porch as it isn’t locked – so for the time being it is a mish-mash of dumpster rescued furniture (no bedbugs, promise), random “folk art” and a collection of candles.

We think this is hilarious. This is a folk art piece from Arizona, whose Corey’s dad befriended on his vacation out there. The man who made this gave it to him on his last day there because Corey’s dad was a teacher. He now sits and gives disapproving glares to kids skipping class at St. Johns High School. I’m referring to the tin teacher, not Corey’s dad or the strange folk art man.

Snowshoes and candles. Love it.

A map that someone left here randomly. Geography is important.

What You Need

Mason Jars

Now the first thing you need is mason jars. When I go to a second-hand store I ALWAYS pick up a couple mason jars. I seriously can’t get enough of them. You can use them for storing/sharing delicious soup instead of using tupperware, as lights, as bathroom storage, well… you get the idea.


Spray Paint

I only bought a bright green spray paint, however I think it would be super cute with a couple different shades of coral or blue. I will be increasing my spray paint inventory soon – there are so many things you can do with spray paint – but alas, that is for another day.

So basically all you do is spray paint the tops of the lids (just be very careful, the wind was blowing and I did these outside on newspaper so I got green stuff all over my pants. Whoops.) and let dry. I did two coats and I love how they turned out. You can fill them with rocks, or anything that can be heated up without breaking (don’t use glass marbles). I used some topsoil that I had left over from my herb garden.

So all in all, a super simple DIY that added a nice pop of colour to my porch.






And as promised, here is a picture of Molly, the guardian of the porch.








And also promised, here is Kim Mitchell singing an ode to porches, patios and the light within. What a Canadian gem.


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