DIY… Fonts?

My name is Amy and I am a fontaholic.

It’s true. I am addicted to fonts. Clean sans serifs (I’m looking at you Bebas Neue and Antipasto Light), funky handwritten fonts (Skinny Jeans – not for my bod but beautiful on InDesign) and classic serifs (Trajan Pro anyone?) get me more excited than sunshine on a cloudy day.

Or chocolate on any day (warning: that might be a slight exaggeration).

So imagine my excitement when I discovered the website kevin&amanda. They have over 500 of their signature “pea” fonts – created by people who have sent in their handwriting to have it converted to a font FOR FREE.

You should also check out their scrapbooking fonts as well. I am a huge fan of “pea ellie bellie”.

Love it.

Also, here is a little something I made – currently my fave 10 decorative fonts (and they are all free). Enjoy!



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