Dry skin and hair? Olive Oil cures everything.

I have been having a huge problem with dry skin and hair. Living in Winnipeg, and a fairly drafty old house, means that when I go to bed in winter I normally turn on the space heater to get nice and toasty before falling asleep.

The problem? It is so dry that I get the worst staticky hair and extremely dry skin.

For the last couple years, whenever my skin gets REALLY dry, I do an olive oil coffee ground scrub. It makes my skin soft and non flaky for at least a week afterwards. Make sure you use olive oil – sometimes I use coconut oil after the shower, but do not let coconut oil go down the drain. Coconut oil turns into a solid really fast, and you might have problems with clogging if you use coconut.

So here is what I do:

Take about 2/3 cup of coffee grounds. Now these can be already used coffee grounds – you can use fresh coffee grounds, but why bother. Ones that water has already filtered through works just fine.

Then add about 3 tbsp of EVO. Now you may use more or less, but it should form a kind of crunchy but moist consistency.

Hop in a really hot shower. Midway through the shower turn off the water, and scrub away. Rinse off and you will be amazed at how great your skin feels. But hey, zits aren’t cool, so don’t put it on your face.

I have also heard about using EVO for a hair treatment. Now I haven’t tried it yet but it gets rave reviews.

What you do:

Warm up a cup of olive oil in the microwave. EVO has a low smoking point so be really careful not to overheat – just a little bit warm is great.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, apparently it can get a little rancid smelling when you wash it out of your hair – so essential oils help.

Rinse your hair in the shower.

Then take the oil and work it through your hair – avoiding the roots – from halfway down your hair to the ends. Then place a plastic bag overtop and hang out for 30 min.

Then shampoo it out – making sure it is thoroughly rinsed. And you are done!

I will be trying this one out this week – but if you have tried it already, let me know! I have never heard of anyone who has done this so tips/tricks are appreciated.






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